Creams, Supplements, Foods And Exercises: The Way To Increase Breast Size Naturally

Way To Increase Breast Size NaturallyIf you are thinking that your breast is not enough big or attractive, or firm, don’t worry, you are not the only one! Almost all the women, at least one time in their life, dreamt about a bigger and beautiful breast.

Some of them are not scared to recur to the surgery to have it!

But surgery in not the only way existing to increase the breast size; there are a lot of ways to increase breast size naturally.

Let’s see the most common and useful of them.

Sure, creams, supplements, foods and exercises are fundamental if we want to obtain a bigger breast.

Starting to talk about the creams, we have to say that it is very important to choose for the safe ones; with no side effects and this is because, the breast is one of the most important organ of the woman’s body, with crucial role in a woman’s life.

So, it is a must to choose a cream that has been tested and approved by doctors: absolutely to avoid the products that we can find on internet without any type of information about the ingredients and case histories.

It is possible to prepare the breast cream, even at home: it will be enough to choose the correct herb, the liquid (often yogurt and honey) to make a paste, to mix, shake and let it stay for some days before to apply, with a gentle daily massage, all around the breast area.

About foods, we can say that, foods rich in estrogens as chicken, anise seeds soy foods, vegetables legumes, fruits and eggs, are a good way to increase breast size naturally.

Other foods and drink that we have to eat if we want to increase the breast size are:

Bananas: they are rich in vitamins, iron, potassium and magnesium

Dandelion root;

Wild yam (it is possible to drink in to the tea; to take as a supplements or to find for cream too)

Exercises play, as usual, a very important role in modify and improve the body.

The best exercises that we can do to increase breast size are: pushups, wall press,swinging arms, bench presses, chest presses and compression.

These exercises involve the movement of the arms and the shoulders which will tone the tissue of the breast area.

Even if it isn’t a real exercise, there are a lot of evidences proving that massaging the breast area daily is one of the best ways to increase breast size naturally and this is because it increases the blood circulation and helps stretch out the tissues. It will be enough to massage the breast with olive oil or even ice to have good results.


Irregular Menstruation Cycle Treatment: which remedy is the best?

Irregular Menstruation Cycle TreatmentOne of the most common diseases for women is to have irregular menstruation. Sometimes, after the first irregular years, this disorder disappears, some other times; instead, the disorder starts suddenly.

So, why it happens and which are the most common reasons?

Start to say that there are two menstruations problems:

Amenorrhea when the menstruation stops for 2 or 3 months each time,

Dysmenorrhea when the menstruation is very painful.

The main reasons for irregular cycle are:

Thyroid problems
Uterine problems
Eating disorders (anorexia).

So, irregular menstruation cycle treatment involves different checkups and changes in woman’s life.

First of all, in fact, is important to verify if there are some health problems (thyroid and uterine ones for example) or if there is a pregnancy.

In the same moment, it is important to know if there are eating disorders that can influence the menses and, as usual, to verify the stress level because, stress is one of the most common causes of irregular menstruation.

It is possible to decide if to treat irregular menstruation with medications or in a natural way.

Medications for irregular menses, almost always, include hormones therapy; instead, the natural treatment, involves herbal and homemade remedies.

The most common herbs used since ancient times to treat menstrual disorders are:

Angelica that is very powerful against the pain in the first days of the cycle;

Ginger for example it is used to regulate the menses;

Turmeric is able to balance the hormones and regulate the menstruation too;

Coriander seed have, more or less, the same effects of turmeric;

Carrots that are rich in iron and this is very important during the bleeding periods;

Fennel is good to promote the menstruation flow but even against the pain.

Cinnamon, ending, is used against the pain.

A part these herbs, we can’t forget to talk about aloe vera that is, as we know very well, one of the most curative existing plants; and it has been always used even to cure many menstrual disorders.

It is also possible that, even using these remedies for treating the menses disorder, it doesn’t disappear: the best thing to do if the irregular menstruation cycle treatment doesn’t work is to go to the doctor.

In a more specific way, it is a must to see a doctor when:

During the year, the cycle misses for more than 2 or 3 times or if it misses for long period

If the menstrual cycle gets more often than each 21 days or less often than 35 or 40days

The blood lost is too much

If the bleeding doesn’t stop after 8 days.

Some serious situations, however, contemplate the recourse to the surgery too.