Health risks of being overweight or Obese

Obesity is not a cosmetic issue as it makes you look weird but on the same time this is an issue that leave you with severe health problems.

Cure For Obesity

Hypertension or High BP- High blood pressure as the name suggests, is an issue where the pressure of blood pushing against the arteries wall when heart is pumping blood. In case, there is rise in pressure and condition is there for sometime then can be responsible for making severe damage to the body. Most of the obese are at huge risk of having hypertension so it is must that you need to try out natural cure for obesity to keep a check over excessive weight.

Coronary heart disease– When BMI (body mass index) increases, then risk of getting coronary heart diseases goes higher. Coronary heart disease is a condition where plaque (a waxy substance) started collecting inside the coronary arteries. These arteries does the work of carrying oxygen rich blood to the heart and having any obstruction to the arteries would not allow blood to reach the destination. When there is less blood flow to the heart muscles then can cause angina or heart attack. Obesity is also the reason for heart failure. Due to this serious heart condition, heart is not able to pump enough blood that is required for a healthy body. So, give a try to natural cure for obesity so that problem would not arouse.

Stroke- As told above when one is dealing with obesity then there is a collection of plaque placed inside the arteries that restrict the proper blood flow to the heart. Even an area where the collection of plaque has taken place a blood clot is formed. That clot is closer to your brain and the oxygen loaded blood would not able to reach to the brain and ends with heart stroke. The risk of having heart stroke goes higher when BMI increases. So, it is necessary for obese people that they should work to lessen weight. For that eat low fats diet, do exercises regularly and try out solution that can gives way to reduction in weight.