Treating Abnormal Menstruation

menstrual disorder treatmentAbnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) is a condition when a lady has to face menstruation which is not coming uniformly which usually comes after cycle of 28 days in normal ladies. In case the menstruation are irregular like having heavy bleeding, or missed periods or have periods between two periods then you should look for menstrual disorder treatment. Usually the treatment type can be decided after getting diagnosed by the doctor.

Your treatment also varies according to your age and your health condition. There are two main treatments known surgery and medication. Initially you should try some medication and therapies but keep the surgery as last option because at this age body is not able to handle the after effects of the surgery. Treatment option also depends over your fertility requirement and bleeding causes. The medication like anti-inflammatory drugs, low dose birth control pills and progestin’s taken for the treatment can sometimes give way to imbalance in hormone.

Taking medication is helpful idea to provide relief from irregular menstrual periods. Pills that are having less estrogen provide better results. They effectively lessen the blood flow and provide you better and regular menstrual cycle. Also, the pelvic pain which takes place due to abnormal bleeding will also be avoided by taking medications. If you are having physical symptoms due to PMS then can use the medicines but remember these are not perfect for handling mood swings. Today a pill has come to the studies that is able to lessen the mood relates symptoms like irritation, tension, anxiety, stress and tearfulness.

If you have smoking habit then you should not take birth control pills because it can create blood clots in your lungs and also can sometimes leave side effects. Ladies using an inject able form of progestin compared to oral medication then it lessens the symptoms and other effects by 20 percent. It also controls the heavy bleeding by slowly releasing progestin into the uterus for longer period of time. It is considered a wonderful menstrual disorder treatment. Menstrual flow also goes lessen by 40% but sometimes this method can give way to hormonal disorders, ectopic pregnancy it would be better to consult your doctor before choosing any of the treatment option.