Treatment and Home Remedies For Renal Failure- HOMEMADE SOLUTION FOR RENAL FAILURES

Treatment and Home Remedies For Renal FailureHow to recognize kidney problems? First of all we can recognize from weakness, shortness of breath, swelling and confusion but even a high heart rhythm.

All these symptoms, as we can see, can be evidences even of some other diseases, for this, often, to attribute them to kidney problems, is not so easy.

The causes of renal failure can be different; for example reduced flow of blood to the kidneys, dehydration, liver malfunction, diabetes and other type of infections.

The first thing that we can ask to the treatment and home remedies for renal failure is to return kidney function to normal level and this is because, the chronicle problems can bring to the worst two option: dialysis or transplant.

Kidney Disease Natural Treatment can help, however, our kidneys to work better and, a good lifestyle can also prevent and avoid this kind of problem.

Starting from the herbs, we can list some of them very powerful:

  • Punarnava has important anti inflammatory effects; it is effective against the swelling and reduce the accumulation of fluid.
  • Kaasni is considered the best remedy for all the renal problems because prevents the chronic constipation and increases haemoglobin. It is also rich in Vitamin A.
  • Varum provides strength to the urinary tract and prostate function.
  • Palaash is, instead considered the best way to boost low liver function, one of the causes of kidneys diseases.

Other treatment and home remedies for renal failure include changes of our lifestyle.

Very important is to stay always well hydrated but even eat large quantity of vegetarian food, to limit the usage of dried beans, mushrooms, potatoes and apricot, increasing, instead, the consumption of cauliflower, radish, bell peppers, apples, papaya and pears.

It is important to limit even the dairy products, avoid the smoking and alcohol and to drink, even in large quantity, nettle leaf tea prepared with coriander, thyme and fennel seeds.

We can also recommend controlling the blood pressure and the blood sugar level, the cholesterol lever, the body weight, to reduce the usage of sodium, minimizing the salt consumption and to avoid fatty, oily and fried foods too.


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