Natural Ways To Tighten Loose Vagina

Tighten Loose VaginaMost women complain about loose vaginas and express their insecurity about pleasing their men during those private moments. They believe that having too much sex or having a baby is the reason for loose vagina. I must tell you that these are all myths. These two factors are not responsible for loose vagina. Aging is the first and foremost reason for vaginal looseness. Another reason is multiple births in a short span of time. There are very less chances of looseness due to medical conditions. Now the question arises – How do you tighten your vagina? You can cure this through exercise, herbs, dietary changes and gels available in market.

Your vagina is not like a black hole. Nothing can go inside the uterus because cervix obstructs the entry. There is a misconception that vagina loosens but actually it is the pelvic floor muscle that loosens. This muscle encloses vagina and vaginal walls. A loose vagina can leave you in low self esteem and you tend to think about how to tighten vagina naturally. You should trust the strength of your body. It can heal the problem naturally. An orgasm tones your pelvic floor muscles. When you have orgasm, these muscles start constricting. What a natural and easy way. Isn’t it?

If you have multiple births (for example – three babies in three years) then the vagina does not get ample time to tighten. In this situation, how do you tighten your vagina? Pelvic floor exercise can help you in this situation. It is very simple and you can do this easily without anybody else to know about this. When you go for pee, try to hold the urine flow for 10 seconds in between. Now you have to practice holding the pelvic muscles tightly for 10 seconds without going to pee. Repeat this 5 times a day with 10 sets each time.

Remember that this exercise will only help if you do it on regular basis. You can even insert Geisha balls in the vagina to hold the pelvic floor muscles down to keep them in. Dietary changes are required to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and tighten the vagina. Eat citrus fruits, Indian gooseberry, garlic and yogurt. Drink lots of water. It keeps the bad odor away from vagina and flushes out the harmful bacteria. Yoga is also helpful in tightening pelvic floor muscles. I hope that now you know everything about how to tighten vagina naturally. Believe in yourself. You have power to do anything on this planet!!!


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